What is MMMASO?

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is an energy snack with a high content of top quality beef protein.

100 g
of the product is made out of
185 g
of beef



is an energy snack with a high content of top quality beef protein.

100 g
of the product is made out of
185 g
of beef


What do we have to do with high-quality meat to become MMMASO? The short answer for those of you who are busy: fermentation.

For those of you, who can spare a minute, let’s delve a little bit into history, a whole process of fermentation and of course the benefits for the customers.

The fermentation was discovered hundreds of years ago as a means to preserve food and to protect them from becoming spoiled. In modern history we were able to scientifically verify all the advantages of fermented food, that our ancestors knew from experience.

The historical breaking point was the year 1919, where the first patents for modern fermentation of meat products has come about, and the following decades of research further developed those methods.

Thanks to this, fermentation nowadays isn’t a matter of trial and error, but a fully controlled process that utilizes a natural starter culture. The process is happening in strictly supervised conditions where the temperature, humidity and time will come to play in perfect cooperation.

It can’t be rushed, so every MMMASO takes a lot of hours to produce because the lactic bacteria need a peace to do their work.

During the fermentation we smoke them over beech wood.

The result is a great taste and quality with perfect balance of fermentation and seasoning. Juicy energy snack made from high-quality Czech beef and we are really proud of it.

What are the benefits of fermented MMMASO for all of us?

It’s a great source of natural protein for everyone so it can provide energy in every situation.

Another bonus is the original purpose of fermentation – to extend the shelf life and make the food resilient. We have achieved that the shelf life of MMMASO is 90 days minimum, even in a backpack during a hot summer.

Because of that, MMMASO will be your faithful companion either at home or outside, at work or having fun, doing sports or on your way to an adventure.

A great meat for every day.

Muuu Muuu

What is the meat we work with
and what is our philosophy?

Our beef is exclusively of Czech origin.
We are butchers who are proud of our work
and we have the utmost respect for the natural resources we work with.

Because of that we try to use only the best parts of an animal
and act responsibly with regards to the ecological strain
that growing and processing meat is.

We make no difference between a cow and a bull.
We always carefully select only the meat of the best quality.

OK, but what is it made of?
All good ingredients and no tricks.

Long-keeping fermented meat product
beef, salt, spices, sugar, dextrose, starter culture
preservative: sodium nitrite

nutrition facts per 100g

energy 1356 kJ / 324 kcal
total fat 16 g
saturated fat 6,6 g
total carbohydrate 8,2 g
sugars 0 g
protein 38 g
salt 2,9 g

take it wherever
you want.

Keep it in your backpack, bag, even in your pocket and eat  it when hungry or just crave a snack.

can be stored
above 0°C
below +30°C

shelf life
90 days

So where are you gonna eat it?

on a trip
to the wild

on a beach

in a city when you're
hungry a bit

at work, when
you need some energy

on a bike or
any other ride

while working out
or doing sports

during playtime
or having fun

a nutritious snack
for kids

One SNACK weighs at least 45 grams. Sometimes just a bit more.

contains 20 snacks

order 3 or more mmmaso boxes
and get our t-shirt for free

when you just want a few snacks

55 Kč za kus

MMMASO BOX (20× snack)

Price for 1 box 980
(1 snack 49 Kč)

when you choose, I'll calculate it for you


We support sport and active
lifestyle of all kinds.

Bring your MMMASO! with
you and refill your energy!

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